A date just like a movie

A date just like a movie


Running out of ideas for dates? Use romantic movies for inspiration. Here are 5 original date ideas from movies to try with your crush:

  1. Paintball, 10 Things I Hate About You 
    Those two have changed their minds about each other multiple times. They went from hate to love and back, and at some point, they even expressed their complicated feelings towards each other by the game of paintball. This kind of date might really spice your relationship up. 

  1. Cooking class, Hitch
    Hitch has so many date night ideas, you might need a separate notebook to write them all down. Yet some of them take too much money, time, and effort (like jet skiing or going to Ellis Island). However, taking a cooking class together sounds nice. Even if there’s no such an event in your city, you can just watch some cooking tutorials online and prepare dinner together.

  1. Dance class, Dirty Dancing
    This one is for passionate couples. Let your emotions go free and just dance. Take a dancing class together, rent a dance studio for a day, or just stay at home and put on your favorite music. 

  1. Fooling around while shopping, (500) Days Of Summer
    At some point, the main characters of this lovely movie go to IKEA and pretend that they live there. They acted like a perfect family in those perfectly set interiors, and that was so sweet. Why not use this as an idea for your date night? 

  1. Singing by the fire, 50 First Dates
    As you can see from the title, this movie has more than just one date idea. But the scene where the main character played by Adam Sandler plays the guitar and sings for his beloved one by the bonfire at the beach stands out from all the others.

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